CUTE and Adorably sweet couple! Such a wonderful engagement shoot. A nurse and a movie effects artist.. both so in love! The kind that makes you smile, and thank God that he is such a great match maker.  Just when my cheeks hurt from smiling and Ididn’t think it could get better, a rainbow framed their embrace. True love and true beauty. So naturally I hurried to capture the moment by stepping back into a hole. Eekkk… nothing hurt but a reminder why I am not a ballerina. These two love birds were so easy-going, when it started to rain, they just smiled and posed for us.  I can not wait to see what beauty is in store for their wedding day,,,, maybe a double rainbow (What does it mean?) ( Had to .)

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This was the title of the book Jenn made for her hubby… Two of the sweetest people ever! We had a blast with their engagement session~ She is a woman after my own heart, brought props and knew how to work the camera! LOVE HER! They have such a beautiful love story, Their love was bound and strengthened by an illness he has since overcame and the love they have for each other shows with every smile and touch. It was a perfect day with them and I can’t wait for the wedding day! jenn sharadon engagement 322blog

Uh oh… I seriously lost it with these sweet sweet babies! When I say lost it, I mean all my heart! Such a wonderful family and perfect little babies. As most newborn shoots go, the babies did not want to sleep (Which is where we get the best shots) . We ended up gettting so many cute shots and It just took patience and a few silent prayers. The babies eventually fell fast asleep, where we  molded them into cute positions…. these sweet things were just as precious as can be, and yet another shoot that reminded me how blessed I am to do what I love to do..twin shan 441blog


One more for a Valentine inspiration.

Ladies man

Ladies man

L * O * V * E

kisses3blogSigh…. I have so many littles in my life that sometimes I feel as if my heart will explode!  These sweet things are my niece and nephew. photo session designed by Kim. Many of you have already met her, she is not only my beautiful sister, but my numero uno assistant! She has a wonderful eye and very good with newborn babies. Happy Valentines day to everyone….. XOXO

Ok, ok seriously, I know…. I really have been neglecting this blog,, but with a very great and adorable reason, our newest little!  We call him Hercules because he came 2 months early, but was BIG and healthy and perfect. I have yet another muse and more bedrest that just led to BIG photography planning and ideas! Stay tuned for examples of some of my crazy ideas. 🙂

my newest muse

my newest muse

The Big Island and God continues to bless us with more amazing memories. Everytime we come, we look for something new to do. One day after driving home from the waterfalls and rainforest, we stopped to follow a small unmarked lava trail to the Ocean. What we found was PURE PARADISE. A black sand beach, deserted with groves of coconut trees. An abandoned compound and come old canoes were all that was left as evidence that other people had enjoyed this beach.  MY brother-in-law and Hubby went Bear Grylls on us and cracked open a coconut with a lava rock, where we enjoyed every bit of fleshy goodness on a spectacular beach. I could literally write for hours about this one moment during our trip; The way the waves crashed behind my son who was picking up sand dollars and Sea Urchins, the sound enhancing our  Princess giggles.  I could go on and on about the feeling I had in my heart looking at my lovelies so utterly happy. Hard to sum up another amazing week, My baby boy left his heart with a hula dancer names Joy, Buttercup decided she loved Mangos as much as her momma, My Hubby, well he made me cry by walking me to our church and house we got married in, and I left yet another piece of my heart in a small Hawaiian town 2,500 miles away. PS..Coming home to our small beach town… NOT SO SHABBY.. Ah, To have your heart in two places at once, what a beautiful tragedy.