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My mom and I took Colin to San Juan depot to watch the trains come in, look at the animals at Zoomars and have a Chocolate shake at Ruby’s. My mom and Colin have the cutest relationship ever. I know almost every daughter says this about her mom, but I’m saying it all the same,,,, My mom is a saint, the most loving, sweetest and bravest person I have ever known.This week we played, worked and played some more. RC, my dad and I painted the inside of our “June Bus” (1973 VW bus). I went to a SUPER FUN bridal shower for a dear friend from nursing school, and enjoyed a FABULOUS day celebrating our amazing friends 5 year old birthday party. 

This is the week I REALIZE how super fast life flies by…. didn’t I just pat myself on the back for finishing all the laundry (5 more loads await)

Didn’t I just pay the bills (10 more due now)

Didn’t I just stock up on groceries (nothing but catsup and jelly in the fridge)

So thank you blog and memories to remind me that although time flies it’s the FLIGHT that I LOVE!~~~ 🙂



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7/52 30’s Going on 13


How fun as an adult we get to draw from our experiences as children to help us in making certain decisions, what vacations you decide to go on, what neighborhood you wish to by your home in. Or… more serious decisions like what type of candy do I have for a slumber party? Colin went to his grandma and grandpas for a sleep over and my house was full of 7 grown up girls who enjoyed stepping back into the days of watching dirty dancing and talking about everything and nothing at all. We went to see Valentine’s day (cute) and then to Renaissance cafe for a yummy diner. With pillows in hand we all sipped on Bailey’s and munched on cheesecake bites. It was so refreshing to just be with girlfriends and enjoy the moment.  The kitchen was transformed into a “bedroom” with the table set like a bed. Thank you to my “coffee girls”  I love all of you.

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Every Wednesday my girlfriends and I get together for coffee. We chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Colin and his best buddies get to play, laugh and giggle too. I love this photo because if I squint,,, I can see these same kiddos at 10 years old making the same faces together, then at 19 begging me to hide it, and then at 30 something asking me to dig it up to giggle at it again. How fast time flies. Again…PHOTOGRAPHY is magical..we seem to remember certain memories more vividly if there is a photograph we can come back to reminisce. I love all these kiddos and can’t wait to watch their faces grow.

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KRYPTONITE! My son has this power: KRYPTONITE hands… ok, yes he is only 44 pounds… but once the tickling has begun you are toast. I’m sure each and every one of you can relate to this scenario: An innocent game of tickling begins,, it starts light and easy and then before you know it you are laughing so hard you can’t breathe or even say please stop.  Do you know that point you reach when you feel as though you don’t even have the strength to grip a brush? Well this is my favorite moment this week.. small little hands tickling me so hard I was trapped in the corner of my dog haired covered couch.  This week we went camping at San Mateo. I HIGHLY recommend this site. We played bocce ball and ate smores with friends and family. Colin battled a cough, RC worked at the boat and I grew even closer to my good friends.  So,  to all you Supermen/Superwomen out there, beware of those little fingers~


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