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"Poppie woppy head"

My POP has left for Haiti. He is going with a group of churches to help an orphanage there. The orphanages are targeted for their food and babies. They are building a safe fence to keep the babies and staff safe. All prayers for their travel safety are appreciated. My sister is collecting shoes for the people of Haiti, if you feel like doing some spring cleaning and donating shoes please contact me at shannonmills1@hotmail.com

My prayers this week- To keep my heart humble and give thanks that we are not sleeping in a tent outside of my rubble of a home, that my son has clean water and food, my car has gas, and my family is together.


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11/52- Hot Lava

Hot Lava

COACH- What should we name your team guys?

There is my Kona boy!~ RC and I laughed so hard, Colin did 1000% better at his game this week. 🙂 I give all the credit to a patient daddy who loves his boy. We also decided to try out the PM beach run with our friends and met the fog down there, we had fun all the same! RC and I went on a date, we worked , and just lazed around the house. (yes– that pile of laundry is still there…)

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Is it weird I love the smell of boat exhaust? I do! It smells like vacation! I love any smell that makes me feel like I have a swim suit on and a frosty beverage in my hand. This week was full of fun times, play dates with Colin and his friends, good friends of mine had a marriage blessing, I had some amazing photo shoots and played with my family. My future brother in law took us on his boat after we enjoyed the Festival of the Whales. I watched Colin enjoy every drop of his vanilla ice cream (adventurous huh?) and I smiled at the fact that I am blessed to live in a place that makes me feel as if I’m on vacation almost every day. …. boat fumes and all!~

Vanilla and the Sea

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9/52 Together.

What a wonderful week! My littlest sister has come home to visit. We have already packed in an 8 hour shopping day (sorry RC) saw a chick flick,

hugs before Soccer

found a wedding dress for my other sister and caught up on laughs and hugs. Colin had his first Soccer game and I would love to say he loved every minute… Instead we had a boy who didn’t understand why everyone was “looking at him” and  I got this quote for the week “My brain just told me I was nervous about meeting the kids.” well this brain of his also tells him to say hi to everyone he meets… Just when you think you have your kiddo figured out, they impress you with their individuality. My social bee was a normal little boy who needed a day to get used to a new routine with new friends. I’m glad I had my sister there to give me a hug after I gave Colin a hug.  Love you Kimmers.

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