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San Clemente pride is always in my heart but once a year the ocean festival comes and makes me feel like I live in the best city ever. The Ocean festival was born the same year I was. One of my first memories is me wearing my navy one piece with a rainbow on it, digging for sand crabs and holding Shawna’s hand while we jumped over the waves. You never know, someday Colin may have the same love for San Clemente We do and look back and remember wearing blue surf trunks, digging for sand crabs and jumping in the waves with me.

The woodie display on the pier is one of my favorites... 1940's beauty


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Namaste! I have always loved exotic flavors and wanted to learn how to cook Indian food and learn how to use all the yummy spices . I did a trade with a friend, private cooking lessons for a photo shoot,,, (Don’t tell her I got the better end of the deal)  What a sweet treat, the most endearing person who happens to be the best cook ever has taught me and my mom how to cook Indian food. Cooking Indian food is not like I’m used too, there are no measuring tools and the spices are so fragrant and colorful. I will test my skills at our next “Waco Wednesday” … my whole family meets every Wednesday for diner (used to be taco Tuesday…. hence the Waco Wednesday..


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The 4th of July is magical! We went to the harbor to play with Brett and his family on the boat, then went to daddy’s fire boat to have dinner with the other fire families and watch the show front and center on the boat! Colin threw his Magic rocks in the water from the deck and called out what ever color he wanted, (The beauty of these magic rocks is you can call out a dud if yours “doesn’t “work, or better yet, there is bound to be the color of choice within 30 seconds)

Colin after throwing the magic rocks” DAD! My dreams do really come true!”

My Magical moment... watching Colin in Daddy's seat

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We have a five year old?! Fabulous fun with his friends, goldfish, cotton candy, caramel apples and games. As a parent you have this annoying ability to pull out every cliché known to man, I’m no exception, here are a string of clichés I said about 100 times that day… here I go, He grew like a weed, Time flies, He looks like a spitting image of his daddy, We love you more than the whole world…

8:30 am July 3 Colin~ “I don’t feel five yet, I still feel 4”

4:00pm July 3rd “ok Mom….. I feel 5 now”

Thank you God for choosing us to raise this amazing boy

A million dollars he wished he could drive a train

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