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A table fit for a BRIDE

My sister’s wedding shower was this week! My mom, sister and I threw a WINE and cheese shower for her. (Kim you were there in our hearts) We had way TOO much fun! Hearing her say that this was her dream party made all of us so happy.

Brett took Colin, RC, and 4 of Colin’s friends on a “boys only” fish trip. Colin “caught” a barracuda and all the little boys caught fish.

As the wine and cheese party was my idea of a GREAT Time, RC’s idea of a great time was to go on a 4 day fish trip to Mexico with a bunch of FIREMEN. He brought home 6 BIG YELLOWTAIL TUNAS. We missed him like crazy.

So, there it is….. a week of girls, wine and giggles: and Boys, smelly  fish and laughter


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We went with 2 other families on an RV camp trip to Mammoth! I’m better at capturing a moment with a photograph rather than words…. I have no great adjectives to describe what a wonderful place this is and how much fun we had . Just a few of our favorite memories….

Baiting the hook of a snoopy pole with a live worm–

Watching our kids in one motor home while the adults played cranium in the other RV

Kayaking, Boating, Hiking, watching the kids paint rocks and glue googlie eyes on them

Waking up with our hair still smelling of bon fire , and the excitement of waiting for Jiffy pop to explode.

Pretty much sums it up!

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Another year older for me this week, yes I’m 29 again (right Jenna?) Celebrated with friends at the Shore in San Clemente, Had “Waco Wednesday” family night and enjoyed being spoiled by the ones I love.  I made it a point this week not to work so hard on the house and work harder on playing with my son and husband. RC and I went on a date and Colin RC and I played ball in the front yard. Favorite quote this week from Colin starts like this… walking into a store and 3 pretty girls walking out: Colin in the middle of a story stops to stare and says “I just got so distracted by those girls” Whhhhat!!! More shameless flirting came this week with other girls,,, I’m grabbing that boy who catches lizards and holding TIGHT~


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