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"Can I bring them to school?"(not quite as I planned....)

Let me paint the picture for you of this week’s huge event:

1st day of KINDERGARTEN lots of questions, nerves, happiness, and then came the tears… This was me.

 This was Colin…. smiling, happy, loving and excited.

Open house type first day…..RC and I sat in mini bright yellow plastic chairs. We watched as our boy choose a seat next to his best friend on the rainbow mat and held his hands in his lap. All the parents looking intently on their babies, we watched ours as he said the pledge of allegiance, answered questions about letter sounds and smiled back at us with the most excited face. The class was perfect in every real sort of way. Books lined up that have been loved so much the edges are worn, sinks that are mini sized, and crayolas, markers and paint ready for fingers to grab and shirts to get messy. My favorite moment came when his best friend was sad, he took her hand and said ” I’ll take care of you”

 When we asked him why he said that he simply said,,, “FRIENDS GIVE FRIENDS A HAND”

 If all adults could be as sweet as our kindergartners,,,,,


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Colin has to be one of the luckiest kids I’ve ever met. One of his favorite things in the whole wide world (besides mom 🙂  is TRAINS. His Grandmother from up north came down and took him on a train… strike that…. took him to DRIVE a train. He drove the train, honked the horn and turned on the bell. We had the best time just watching his sweet face. This was a busy week, I had a wedding to shoot down in San Diego (FUN and BEAUTIFUL) and one in Dana point. (Amazingly sweet and BEAUTIFUL). RC took the reins this week and held down the fort while I recouped from delivering babies and capturing BEAUTIFUL brides. (Thank you babe  for all you do)

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