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While we sleep soundly in our beds, a firefighter is putting his turn out coat on to go help an old lady breath. While we take our kids to school, there is a firefighter missing the morning routine at home. As we are eating our warm meal, theirs sits on the table waiting for their return from a call. As we watch “Fire watch” on CNN and think, Thank GOD I don’t have to be there, a firefighter is excited to go help. All the things they do… and mine still comes home  happy to help me shop, (even though he has shopped for 15 guys the day before) He still has energy to play with us, do chores around the house and take us fun places. RC… I TRULY appreciate you.  Thank you to all our fire family out there for missing days at home so others are safe in theirs.



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B L U E ... My favorite color ~ Ocean, Colin and his daddy's eyes.... mesmerizing


Escape to a land far, far away called Irvine. RC, my sister and her fiancé and some good friends went to a Zac Brown concert. We also spent the week enjoying the heat wave and going to the beach. Colin learned to paddle on his knees and even took a small wave in on his knees~ Favorite quote this week was Colin running into the water “Last one in, is a rotten fish egg”  Why didn’t I think of that when I was five ? The fish egg part would make any one hustle

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37/52… Tired.


Whew! we are all tired here in this house this week. All good stuff, just stuff.

Highlights this week : Working in Colin’s class every Wednesday has turned out to be the biggest blessing ever! Watching how my son interacts with all the adorable kiddos is just a riot. He sneaks hugs  to me  and he proudly says to the kids in his class, “That’s MY mom”

And the rest of the week, well I’m pretty certain I fell into a hole and didn’t come out for several days while my clone stepped in for me and made lunches, played baby RN, and wife..

Yes... This is the biggest yellow lab in California.. At least he feels like it when he is sharing a bed

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This is the busiest time of year for me with photography. I have had 4 weddings in the last 7 weeks, LOTs of wonderful family/ baby shoots and well… my favorite of all 5 year old soccer players. Colin’s second week of soccer this year. We lucked out with a very fun coach. There is something so soul healing to watch little kids run on a field, lose their shoes, trip on their buddies, get distracted by a bee and feel proud when they kick the ball.  My parents, RC and I watched proudly as Colin ran with the ball and took the time to wave at us while smiling the big “I’m just eating life up” grin.

DOGPILE on Coach Kreg

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Mia couldn't wait to wear her dress for the "momma dadda baby party"

  My sister Shawna married a wonderful man this week. They had an AMAZING wedding in San Clemente. So fun, and so beautiful. We had a party week, my lovely Aunt Janet came down from Idaho, Kim and Devin were here… and we played almost every night. The rehearsal diner was amazing. Shawna was a stunning bride~ I keep thinking about how sweet having sisters is…. sharing the most wonderful treasures life has to offer with each other is such a gift. Watching her fall in love, watching Mia come into this world and watching her marry her dream man… I didn’t take one picture the whole wedding, this is one of the few I snapped getting ready.

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