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Memory rocks.

These rocks have MANY memories to me and my family. My sister and I used to slide down them and name them when we were Colin’s age. RC said he has cut his foot on every single one of these rocks surfing. And now every beach walk we do, I admire them and place Colin running from rock to rock as one of my best memories. RC, Colin and I walked 2 miles knee deep in warm, calm water. Colin played with sea “Enemies” and starfish that we found on the pier pilings. We had so much fun enjoying the 85 degree November weather we went again the next day to do it all over again~ My parents joined us the second day and I’m pretty sure our cheeks hurt from smiling the whole way. Then we went off to get bean burritos and watched an amazing sunset from my parents back yard. One of my favorite weeks of the year…..


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43/52 Trick or Treat

  So we went from “Mom I want to be a broom”, to a car.. to whew,,, an Angels baseball pitcher. I LOVE Seeing the kids at Halloween! We spent all day with our good friends and let the kiddos play, then we went trick or treating with all of my family (almost all). Mia and Colin had a healthy first one to the door bell wins attitude, and both of them walked into every house and took candy like this is what they were made for! After the collecting of goods Colin emptied his loot out and counted, organized and sampled plenty! When he went to bed I put it all back in the plastic jack o lantern and smelled the smell of childhood. There is no one candy that produces that scent, it’s a combination of butterfingers, snickers, almond joys and the tootsie rolls.

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  RC was working at the airport this week. Colin loves the crash rig there, plus there are airplanes taking off right in front of him. He squirted the water from the front of the rig and helped his dad in the firehouse kitchen. (ok helped.. meaning sat on the counter while RC shopped veggies) Just as we were leaving one of RC’s fire guys showed Colin the drawer in the kitchen FULL of candy. My favorite quote this week from Colin “The world is sooo big- and it’s all mine”

That’s right Colin, it’s all yours. 🙂

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So the real reason why I haven’t updated my blog in a month is because I was waiting for my first 12 weeks to pass…. YES!! Thank you JESUS! After almost 3 years we are blessed again with a little baby! We told Colin by taking him on a scavenger hunt. We started at home with a pancake in the shape of the letter “B” and gave him a clue to the first location, The letter “A” was found at his favorite place to see trains, and the “B” was found in a corn dog at RUBY’s. The last letter  “Y” was at Disneyland (in a churro). He had to put all the letters together and sound it out… he said the word baby and smiled, then said can we go on Thunder Mountain now… We should have known a silly baby can’t hold up to Disneyland! 🙂 Since then he has prayed for his baby brother or sister everyday and kissed my belly countless times. We are Glowing…. all 3 of us and feel as if we are standing on top of the world!

Cheating this week so you can see the hunt… posting more than 1 pic

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Oh Jack Johnson.. what an amazing performer! My sister RC and our men went with us to see Jack this week… AMAZING… AMAZING.. His “To the Sea” tour was 100% for charity.

The rest of the week went something like this….

WHHOOSSH!!! Cant even tell you what we did besides some beach walks and hanging out with family….

Couldn't live without the smell of salt in the air

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