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Who knew going to the SNOW could be so HEARTWARMING. We went to snowplay early this year and had so much fun we went with our good friends this week. Now, Colin makes me want to cry all the time with his sweetness, kindness, jokes and kisses, But he brought tears to my eyes watching him PLAY like he was in a snow field in HEAVEN. The JOY I saw in his face as he flew down the hill with his Daddy made me praise God for all the good things he gives us, including friends… Thank you “M” family for all the Joy we have shared this year.



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Colin and his "Thank you for.." (Mia of corse)


THANKSGIVING. We celebrated with my family on Wednesday and then celebrated with the Firehouse on Thursday. SO MUCH to be thankful for. We go around the table and everyone says what they are thankful for, someone always gets teary eyed. What I was  THANK YOU FOR… FAMILY, FAMILY, HEALTH and FAMILY. This was our day– Colin and Mia running around, mom and my sisters cooking with me, the boys hanging out-  and all of us playing cranium. The Firehouse was amazing too. Good food, great  people and wonderful memories.

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Colin had his last soccer game and soccer pizza party this week. He was the proud recipient of his first trophy. Plastic and perfect, he placed it on his dresser and talked about missing his team already. Such a wonderful week. We went with our good friends to the Tree Lighting at the Ritz Carlton. Hot cocoa before, and sushi after.  mmm…

Christmas season has begun

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Cute baby, Darling big sister and a sponge Bob toy for laughter

I am knee-deep in Christmas family photo sessions, But loving it~ With most of my clients, I have had the honor of watching their families grow. I smile just thinking that I have been taking pics of some of my clients babies since they were in their mammas belly, and now taking pics of their brothers or sisters in the belly! Some of my clients (You know who you are, and know I love you dearly), I have delivered their baby or helped take care of them when their sweetie was days old. So even though I am swamped crazy with editing and emailing and taking photos, I am LOVING seeing my clients who have made my life that much richer. One of my dear clients sent me a “Behind the scenes” photo. Captured the moment perfectly… Thank you.

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