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Christmas…. I love these years of true belief and JOY.  We celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve at my mom and Dads every year. Colin and Mia totally enjoyed every cookie, gift, hug, story of santa, Jesus, and stocking. We all enjoyed every minute as well. Chaos, food and family. Perfectly imperfect and the BEST and only way to end a year. Santa came to our house, he left snow prints on my carpet,  cookie crumbs and TOYS! God bless every one of you and your families,,, as I know you have similar stories, memories and joy as we did this year. I only pray that 2011 brings as many smiles and even more love.

Sums up the year...


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51/52 P.I.N.K.

You can tell I have had too much time to think about how I want everything to go with this baby…..

Time to find out if there is boy parts or girl parts…Katie gave me the idea a year ago to have the sex of the baby written down and sealed with out anyone seeing  but the ultrasound tech. Then, take the envelope to a baker and have them fill just the middle layer with pink frosting if it’s a GIRL and chocolate if it’s a boy (Blue frosting just sounded gross). Soooooo,.. that’s exactly what I did. My whole family came over and 5 minutes before diner the entire north side of San Clemente had a black out. THANK YOU to Brett for being the devout fisherman that he is, had a Squid light and a generator. LIT up the whole front of the house.  Colin and RC cut the cake and as soon as the knife was pulled away, we all saw PINK! I was 100% sure it was a boy, so… open flood gates…. open mind to polka dots, purple, sparkles and wedding dress shopping….

Needless to say RC, Colin and I look like we are on drugs, or a freakishly happy family that wont stop smiling. Colin wanted ONLY a girl and is happier than ever. RC and I keep looking at eachother (and the check book) trying to wrap our minds around a girl, before she wraps US around her little finger

SUGAR and SPICE and everything nice

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Now, I always wanted to time travel… but I didn’t realize that as you get older, time travel is NOT fun! I’m talking about how every year I have the same conversation with  a lady in line at Target or my best friend about how fast the year has gone. “wasnt it just Halloween?” or ” What happened to the Summer” I’m here to tell you, we all have stepped on the gas in our Time machines! So since the year has flown by, and it is December…. along comes FUN December events! Colin had his Kindergarten song performance. Yes, I am sensitve  saturated with preggo hormones, but hearing 60+ little 5 year olds sing sounded like angels and it made me cry.


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Our 1st annual UGLY Christmas sweater party was this week. We had so many laughs watching our friends rock their beautiful, stunning,…. UGLY sweaters! Seriously the funniest moment was my Dad, and our good friend doing a beer run , together, in the sweaters…. I wish I would have followed them with a video camera! My aunt Janet came down from Idaho and we celebrated my moms birthday and danced the night away at my cousin’s wedding. (Colin and Mia out danced everyone) I started a new tradition with Colin. Our advent calendar got a makeover… I decided to add some “hidden lessons” for Colin. We  had one day, take a walk on the beach and pick up 3 pieces of litter, Draw a Christmas card for a soldier, donate a toy…. several more but you get the idea


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