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A couple big things have already happened for us this year, My husband became a CAPTAIN, ahoy mate… my sister and brother moved home, we already have rainbow sandal tan lines from our time at the beach, and Colin went on his first field trip! He has been wanting to go on the bus since September. For the first time,,,,EVER, he woke up before me AND got himself ready before I could get to my OJ. I went along and laughed at all the sweet, real and funny things he and his classmates said and did. My cheeks hurt from smiling at all the handholding, sharing of PB & J’s and toothless giggles. If this year keeps up as it is, I might just want to wake up with the morning rainbow every day like my 5 year old.


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Last year I posted a photo a week… With a new baby coming, I figured this year some of the weeks would be very boring for the readers,,, pics of me sleeping with a baby in my arms, no make up and a messy house just didn’t seem attractive to me. So…. I will post random pics and hope to keep it as interesting as last year!

New Years resolution this year was to teach my son something about philanthropy, not necessarily with him knowing it. One lesson a month and I am going to try to make it fun. My first lesson I wanted to share with him was cleaning up our environment. We went down to the beach and had a contest  to see who could pick up the most trash. It was awesome, because we also learned what belongs on the beach and what doesn’t. We found LOTS of FOAM, plastics and food wrappers. His favorite item was a rock with holes in it… “LOOK MOM!! A SEA MONSTERS FOOT PRINT!  , He put the 5 lb rock in my pocket and we threw the trash in the garbage.

Foam, plastic, fish bones and proof of a mystical creature

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