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25 weeks...

I met my hubby and Colin down at the beach to watch Colin boogie board on his own after a photo shoot. My husband took my camera and snapped a pic of me and Colin and the belly bump. I’m reluctantly posting this, but feel like this baby is doomed from now on out of perpetual snapping and flashing of the camera. So she might as well get used to it now~ 🙂

Anyone who knows me, can tell you I DO NOT sit still. I HATE IT~~well my body had other plans the past 2 weeks, it MADE me. A back sprain led to a mandatory rest time for me and the belly. 3 books, 2 drawings, 1000 texts later… I’m up and back thanks to a lovely Acupuncturist DR CHOI in San Clemente, my best friend for taking over some mom duties and my family for waiting on me… God, I’m listnening…I will take it easy.


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