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In between bedrest and hospital stays, There were fun days of launching rockets,

BLAST OFF, “mom can I put a rolly polly on it next time?”

Some of the things he says, I have written down his “quotes” since he could speak.. I think all moms should keep a notepad or use your phone to keep track of what your kiddos say, its worth a good laugh at the end of the year.

some of his so far this year..
“I’m allergic to bad days”
“I’m the king of saving people just like my dad”
to the phlebotomist after taking my blood… “Dont throw those needles away, you have to be green and recycle them!”
pointing to his knees but meaning kidneys.  , “mom, I have 2 kid knees, just like you, cause I’m a kid”
after the car accident “mom don’t cry, I felt Gods hand on me”

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KID ART, it's up there for me,,, right next to Colin's laugh and puppy breath.

Talk about a very weird turning of the tables… I became a patient on my own floor in the hospital where I work. Trying to keep baby in longer. Being hospitalized is nothing short of crappy, and when you know too much as a labor nurse, it’s even CRAPPIER… I will not elaborate on the lame days worrying about my daughters health… what I will share  is the amazing support I received from my family, friends and co-workers. If I can say anything about this pregnancy it is that I have been shown I am blessed with amazing people in my life. My husband needs a trophy ( I can’t write everything he did for me, for those of you with a sensitive gag reflex, stop reading now…shopping, cleaning, cooking, and comforting me… My mom and immediate family made sure I was taken care of everyday, and night (Thank you mom for spending the night with me, and thank you sisters and brothers for bringing the party to me countless times)  Friends brought smiles, love and some even made sure my room was happy.. bringing christmas lights, Easter decor, flowers and as my friend said, “making it look like Easter threw up in my room”

My coworkers also deserve trophies… Nurses do not get enough praise…YES I am bias, but I truly was spoiled by the care I received… Shout out to Saddleback Labor and Delivery nurses… the BEST nurses ever.. With the care from my team of Doctors and nurses, and the love from my family and friends, our dream to deliver my daughter safely came true.

Paging Dr Mc Goofy... You do what you have to...

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Colin, you are such a golden boy… This season you found your  nitch. Baseball is “your thing”

So into the game, Colin didnt even give me the M..O....M..!!! (growling sound and hand up black camera)

front yard transformed into a stadium, my heart transformed into a ball of mush

This season we tried baseball, from the first practice to the last game, he ate up every pitch, game of catch and coaching hints from his daddy. I, on the other hand ate up every grass stain, red dirt smudge and end of game ice-cream smear… you know those commercials where the mom pours TIDE over a grass stain? Well I never thought I would be that mom,,, I am and I love it… 🙂

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Best laid plans….. you know how the saying goes…

My plans had nothing to do with sitting/ laying/ melting into my couch for weeks on end.  So, how do you stay sane and not let mommy guilt eat you alive while  you are forced to stay put… make up games, play games, draw and laugh on the couch with your 5-year-old… We played one hundred and eighteen games of UNO, candy land and chutes and ladders.. we also made our own game of ANGRY BIRDS, and made marshmallow towers. (Which ended up looking like some alien DNA structure) All the while, my hubby was going to the store, cooking amazing meals and getting to know all the parents at kindergarten drop off.

Um, Yes.. he is playing on my phone...

ANGRY BIRDS... i Phone peeps, you know what Im talking about

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Sigh… I am pulling myself away from a beautiful, amazing miracle to compose this blog ( A sweet pink clad, cooing baby girl)

Many exciting weeks have passed since my last post. The story goes something like this:

Fun with family, car accident, PRAYERS, 5 visits and 1 admission for 8 days to the hospital, bed rest, more bed rest, PRAYERS, an early but healthy delivery of a sweet baby girl. fast forward 6 weeks and the story continues something like this: Fall head over heels in love with baby girl, walk around in a lovesick daze, stare at baby, walk around in sleep deprived daze, feed, love and hold baby, stumble through the days in love with my family….

A new chapter begins

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