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A fun, messy, bright way to say what I wanted…

cute purple chalk dusk diaper print now on my couch...


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Fun, fun, Fun

After a long day of loving on other peoples babies,, I give my heart to mine….

I went back to work at the hospital one day a week, I love bringing babies into this world, with the fresh memory of how amazing it is to hold a new member of your family close to my heart. 

capturing his baby sister

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Here she is… My little giggle bug…

We were at a bon fire when I felt that familiar itch… my trigger finger was twitching and my eyes darting back and forth, from baby to sand, back to camera.  Baby girl is my newest victim to my picture obsessed mind. Before I could finish my glass of wine with my very understanding husband, baby girl was in the sand smiling for momma, giving me this moment to treasure..


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My good friend told me, “never under-estimate the healing power of coloring” Well, I couldn’t agree more! Talk about bringing you back to a very simple state of mind, thinking only of the work at hand.. This is how kids must feel all the time, Sigh… What a wonderful reality they live in! Here is his reality… fighting a colorful dragon on our drive way… We also rode a chalk train, tamed a chalk sea monster and made plans to create a construction site… that trip to chalk land will have to be at her next nap..

He still lives in a world where he has to ask, "mom are dragons real?"

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This year we decided to give one of the greatest dads of all time the gift of making memories together. We made a calendar for the Summer filled with things we can do as a family. Most of the days were filled in with “BEACH” the other days went something like this, Visit the USS midway in San Diego, See the Dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural history, Have a Bon Fire, Go to a beach we have never gone to, San Diego Zoo, Yosemite, Ocean festival, and more… The USS midway was one of our first ventures. I HIGHLY recommend going to the MIDWAY( a decommissioned aircraft carrier), it was inexpensive and educational. The boys went in a flight simulator, I watched anxiously as this thing spun 360 degrees from a camera inside the sealed cockpit. My son was brave, I on the other hand gasped with relief as they stepped out laughing.

best 18 dollars spent... EVER

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Drops of happy

SUMMER: Delightful, simple, lazy time….

Nothing screams summer and family more than a day in the


sprinkler with an otter pop and PB & J… Colin and his cousin making memories they don’t even know will be golden and cherished.

Soaking it in

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Our little Mr. Turned 6!~ We decided that every other year we will do the BIG b-day bash, with a new baby, this year was a perfect year to implement this tradition…. We had a great family celebration  and then he picked his buddy to take the train down to LEGO land. Little Miss went too, she is only 2 months old and going on adventures left and right. watching our children grow happens to be the biggest privilege I’ve ever known. Every now and again the sun lights up his blond hair and accents his cheeks as he flashes me a smile that sparks a vision of him at 20, and the same flash also brings me back to when he was 2…. How we see you: The only 6 year old boy we know that opens doors for ladies, hold the elevator for the mom with the stroller and orders his own milk at the restaurant with a please and thank you. You are the funnest person to play tickle time with, your jokes make us want to write it all down and you are smart, so smart… you are the boy with personality, a tender heart and a mean arm with that baseball.  Oh Colin… You are still my sunshine, and you still make me happy when skies are grey… I LOVE you big boy….


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