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Just try not to smile, I dare you.

One of the things I have been dying to do with my family for 3 years now, apple picking. We went to Oak Glen and had lunch at a quaint restaurant, got Carmel and candied apples and found a small farm with U-Pick still available. we had a blast and plan on doing it every year..we haddent even put the car in park and I told my husband, I have anxiety because I want to RUN out of the car and take a million photos. And I am already picturing my baby girl in a dress picking apples! Ahhhh.. So many photos… Not enough wall space. Once we were all done picking 10 lbs of apples, we found a spot under an apple tree and my little ones stared at the branches and mom making highly embarrassing faces.


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This is not my best photograph of the week, but it sure makes me think about every minute with her. Again, why I love photos…they capture brief moments,  and this brief moment made me grab her and kiss her slobbery hands. ENOUGH SAID.

** Sigh**

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We all know boys and girls speak 2 different languages sometimes, but I forget it starts early. I had made a “Camp cake” for our 8 year anniversary since we were in Yosemite. I thought my son would just gush over my chocolate rocks and Oreo for dirt cake. instead I got,


“mom can I blow out the candles, I don’t really want any, can I go ride bikes?”

My heart was laying there with the chocolate crumbs on the ground, just then my friends 6-year-old girl came up with her face glowing. She proceeded to point out every detail I put in to the cake, giving me suggestions for the next one and smiling at me as if she was sent by an angel who knew I needed an appreciative child to love my cake. Just then I thanked God for a giving me a girl. 2 weeks later my son was telling my sister that his mom made the best camp cake ever, and she was the best mom in the whole world… Sooooo .. I then thanked God for giving me a boy and asked him to remind me that he sometimes speaks a different language..

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Back to Glamping

Behind them were 3 deer and 2 fawns (Would have killed to have them in the photo)

Thank you for the 1950’s.. for so many reasons,… my favorite is the invent of tin can camping, THE RV. Our family has enjoyed camping  Glamping now for 4 years. We went back to Yosemite with some great friends. We introduced our 3 month old to fresh air, the tallest trees in the world and some of the most scenic places in the states. I had this image in my mind for a good year and a half,   putting into reality took the patience of my husband and 6-year-old, oh yeah and my crying new baby… (Sorry baby, you will love this photo when you are a mom someday and thank me.)

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Got milk?

My sister Kim is my assistant and this concept was hers. :)Cousins 🙂

So,,, Any one out there who has a child over the age of 3 gets this next statement… Getting kiddos to smile naturally without the “teeth stuck together, or the squint eye, or the famous frog face grin is almost IMPOSSIBLE… It’s actually quite sweet, because this just proves that kids can’t lie, they can’t fake emotion,.. what you see is what you get. This is great for everything other than when you want them to smile , and then you get the goofy grin. Sooooo, in order to get my son to take natural looking pics I thought of nothing short of bribery. Milk and cookies, chocolate milk at that.  DISCLAIMER: if you try this, take the photos FAST…. The sugar kicked in WAY sooner than I imagined.

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Fly my sweet…

Yes the shirt was toast... didnt survive the "transformation"

My lovely niece was left in our care with my camera, while her parents went to Mexico for a vacation,,,,

2 trips to Michael’s, 3 packs of colored chalk, and 20 minutes filled with squeals from me and my mom and other sisters knowing her momma would just die seeing her daughter as a beautiful butterfly…  My mind can’t STOP thinking of fun new ways to capture the littles, the only problem now id finding the time to execute them all. If you are a client and want to do a chalk photo shoot, let me know, I have a MILLION ideas… 🙂

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