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A dream is a wish….

I am continuously reminded of how blessed I am to do what I do, but this shoot was one that I seriously teared up several times. I was greeted by a hug from the baby. (one of three kids) Then I watched this one hug a princess with her eyes saying “she’s real” and smiled at the oldest, “C” who couldn’t be more sweet, and adorable. This was the second year this family invited me to capture their family at Disneyland and it was the PERFECT shoot to end my year with . THANK YOU “C’ family, Thank you.
This photo reminds me of how truly magical Disneyland is…

Actually, princess might have the best job in the world…….


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My heart stopped.

Taken at the Fire Boat… I couldnt be more proud of my husband

No words.

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Future Fire guys?

6-7 year old boys + Fire Boat = ecstatic kiddos (and dads). We had the end of the season Soccer party on RC’s  Fire Boat, the kids were thrilled to eat pizza and shoot water from the fire boat Canon.  I think the Dads were  as excited as the kiddos! Colin was so proud to show off where his daddy works! They had the chance to check out the fire engine and then go for a cruise on the Fire boat. Non stop smiles, including from princess. She loved the boat too!

Love my Daddy

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He took a pic of some of colins "players"

Elf on a shelf…. get it.. it will change your whole Advent! Basically there is a book about how Santa knows if you are being good or naughty, he sends elfs to watch and report back to him. The Elf goes to the north pole every night to tell Santa the scoop. The rules are children are not allowed to touch him, and they have to give him a name. Ours appeared on Thanksgiving eating a pumpkin pie, he is named snowflake and he has quite a sense of humor. He has made quite the impact, Colin runs out of his room every morning looking for him. It is great, because Snowflake has been “helping us” with family fun. For example, he was found with an ornament, we then got our Christmas tree.. He was found head first in a bag of Chocolate chips, we HAD to make cookies together… He was having a “snowball fight with marshmallows, ,, we HAd to have hot chocolate and check out Christmas lights… and so it goes…..

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