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No one told Southern California it is still Winter.. Today was as perfect as any day could be. A walk down to the ocean with my mom, sister and the littles. We finished up with a chocolate shake and a view of 1930’s beach cottages. Mr. big man found treasures and played with the tentacle of a sea anemone, while Princess Buttercup enjoyed the new sensation of sand between her toes. This week was wonderfully sweet, from diner with friends, photo shoots, relaxing with my husband and watching my sweets play in the sand and smile at the sun.



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Princess is wearing my baby bracelet

The hands of a gifted MOTHER, (my mom) . they cradled me, propped me up as I took my first step, blew me kisses, braided my hair, cleaned after me, clapped for me, cooked me oatmeal raisin cookies, wiped tears from my eyes, PRAYED for me, hugged me endless times. They also held three babies of her own, and now they do all these things for her three grandchildren with all the same tenderness. Mom, its your hands that  made me who I am today. baby girl, may your hands know the same love your “ma’s” do.

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THANK YOU ETSY! Greatest website ever! I found one of my favorite things, vintage baby clothes for Buttercup! Pink and Chiffon and perfect, a dress made in 1950… arrived on out doorstep and 3 hours later it was on my daughter and she was in a field smiling like she felt so pretty. I swear she grabbed the dress and looked at me with an expression that all girls have when they feel beautiful.  It makes me wonder who owned this dress before us,, it was found in an antique shop by the seller. Keeping a garment in excellent condition means it was loved… I smile thinking of the mom who put her daughter in this so long ago , was it for Easter, Birthday, or just because she thought it made her daughter look like a dolly? Either way I am thankful for the smile it brought to me and my baby doll.

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Princess now brings her share of sand into the car

Going through my baby photo album with my mom this week, seeing tons of wonderful memories. “we used to just take off to the beach every chance we got with you kids” My mom says… MOST of my childhood was set within a 3 mile stretch of sand. I could probably map out the shoreline for google maps and be 99% accurate. As a baby we strolled the pier, and now we walk or run the beach trail at least 3 times a week with my family.  Princess Buttercup goes into a trance as soon as the salty air enters her lungs, and Big Boy rides ahead of us scanning the miles ahead for the next train. We havent ventured too far from my heritage,, We still just take off to the beach every chance we got with our kids.

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I’m doing 52!!!

For those of you who have followed me for a couple of years know that I have done a project called 52. I take one photo from the week that sums up our life, one a week for one year. I chose not to do it last year due to my pregnancy and now I’m hungry to start a new 52!~ I get asked all the time to help with photography tips or how to use camera, or if I can teach a class on taking photos, I’m not ready to take that on yet, but I encourage any of you who are wanting to learn more photography to do this project with me. It is a terrific way to make sure you are constantly shooting, (which is my number one suggestion on getting better) and at the end of the year, you can proudly say you documented your kids, family. The hardest part is choosing just ONE photo… eek… here we go, my first, our first week, lets begin an exciting and fun 2012!


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The tooth fairy left a dollar and a very tiny note with encouraging words about how bright and white his tooth was

Starting 2012 with some magic and thrill~ Colin lost his first tooth, turns out he is a “Spinner” like his dad…. After numerous attempts of tieing the small tooth to a nerf gun , foot ball, and door knob, numero uno decided it wanted to wait until 2012 to come out.  It seems that when the toothfairy so stealthily took that tooth, along with it went my little boy. He has since eaten raw onions, threw a football like a pro, and rode EVERY roller coaster with his hands up at Knotts berry Farm. On one of the coasters he was laughing and holding his hands up high while I was clinging with all my might to the bar in front of us. I grabbed his hands on a tight turn and tried to place them safely on the bar next to mine. “mom I got this” well I didn’t, so I tried again, “Mooommmm I got this!” Those words rang in my heart,, yes you do baby, you got this…

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