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Stale. That is how I feel when I am not shooting, painting or drawing. Time however does not afford for an exorbitant amount of time to paint and draw, in fact… I usually end up sketching while Big man does his homework, and then painting late in the evening when the kids are in bed. LUCKILY I have a job where I am able to hold that stale feeling at bay with my photography. I didn’t turn the camera on my family this week, but had several AMAZING shoots and enjoyed putting that creative energy into my lovely clients. One in particular I have known since I started, her darling children make me smile… It was her idea to do our latest session at the Ritz, they jumped on the bed, ran through the waves and saluted the sun. sigh. nothing close to Stale is how I would describe my state of mind this week..photography keeps me fresh.

Taken by Kim my LOVELY assistant..


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7/52 sweet cherub

Cupid you hit us with the full arsenal … we are seriously wounded and our hearts actually ache with love… The week isn’t even half way over yet but this shot is my favorite and I will be busy editing clients photos so Mrs. canon will have to rest in her aqua purse for the time being. Who am I kidding, that camera doesn’t get much rest…. I give it till 3pm today and there will be clicking.

my heart hurts

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Being a mom requires acting skills, here is one example:

Colin, “mom can I learn how to skate board?”

Me, smiling …”Sure bud!” (Inside…. oh I think every boy I knew who skate boarded wore a cast at some point, and come to think of it, one of them lost a tooth…)  The one saving grace for my boy is that I keep most of my thoughts of bloody disasters to my self. I found that I am really good at picturing the worst case scenario when it comes to my kids, in fact.. I can tell you that I am that mom that honestly believes he will “poke his eye out” with everything from a pencil to a spoon. So with a boy in jeans, pads and a new skateboard we headed to the skate park, Did I mention it was raining, slippery wheels (more doom.) falls upon falls for learning (I have the location for the first aid ready in my head) I never knew acting was a great prerequisite for being a good mom, I cheered him on, took some pics, and all the while counted down the seconds to baseball practice, where he could safely stomp around in the brick-dust. (while I watch for every swinging bat and fly ball).

Skate Board Lessons

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