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CUTE and Adorably sweet couple! Such a wonderful engagement shoot. A nurse and a movie effects artist.. both so in love! The kind that makes you smile, and thank God that he is such a great match maker.  Just when my cheeks hurt from smiling and Ididn’t think it could get better, a rainbow framed their embrace. True love and true beauty. So naturally I hurried to capture the moment by stepping back into a hole. Eekkk… nothing hurt but a reminder why I am not a ballerina. These two love birds were so easy-going, when it started to rain, they just smiled and posed for us.  I can not wait to see what beauty is in store for their wedding day,,,, maybe a double rainbow (What does it mean?) ( Had to .)

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This was the title of the book Jenn made for her hubby… Two of the sweetest people ever! We had a blast with their engagement session~ She is a woman after my own heart, brought props and knew how to work the camera! LOVE HER! They have such a beautiful love story, Their love was bound and strengthened by an illness he has since overcame and the love they have for each other shows with every smile and touch. It was a perfect day with them and I can’t wait for the wedding day! jenn sharadon engagement 322blog

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kisses3blogSigh…. I have so many littles in my life that sometimes I feel as if my heart will explode!  These sweet things are my niece and nephew. photo session designed by Kim. Many of you have already met her, she is not only my beautiful sister, but my numero uno assistant! She has a wonderful eye and very good with newborn babies. Happy Valentines day to everyone….. XOXO

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